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Storage Pods

A pod, being the short name for Portable on Demand Storage service is a relatively new concept for people who are locating for the first time. There is a possibility that a host of questions crowd your mind regarding this new portable storage option. Here are some frequently asked questions about moving storage pods answered:

- Are storage pods 4x4x8 available? Moving and storage pods are made to accommodate goods of a typical household. While larger homes require more than one storage pod, the general size of a moving and storage pod is 8x7x7 which accommodates goods of 1 room. On the other hand 8x8x12 pods storage unit fits in goods of 2 to 3 rooms and the large 8x8x16 pods storage unit can accommodate goods of 3 to 4 rooms.

- What about availability of storage pods at Fort Worth Texas? Pods storage systems are available all across the country. You simply have to call the pods company of your choice and mention the time and date of your requirement. Be it portable storage pods in Texas or storage pods in Macon GA, every state has several moving and storage pods companies who are reputed, licensed and registered.

- How to obtain storage units pods quotes? The internet is a great source for locating several reputed pods storage moving companies based in your locality. Visit the sites of these companies and ask them to quote against your requirement. Ensure that they are available on the date and time that you want them. You can obtain several competitive storage units pods quotes in a matter of a few hours.

- Because of paucity of space at my residence, can I ask the moving storage pods company to pick up my goods in phases? Yes you could ask for phased scheduling for pick up and delivery of your goods. Most moving storage pods companies are flexible in this regard and the containers can be dropped and picked up at your convenient date and time. Of course, you have to remember that moving and storage pods are in great demand and your request can be honored depended on the scheduling and availability of such containers.

- Are RV storage pods available? Depending on the availability of the specific dimensions that your RV requires for storage, it can of course be made available.

- What should I do if my goods do not fill up the entire pods moving storage unit? Most moving and storage pods allow partial loading of household goods. These are fitted with eye hooks every 4 feet apart which permit securing the partial load.

- Is it necessary for me to load the moving storage pods? Most moving and storage pods companies can arrange or recommend companies who can help you with packing, loading and unloading of your domestic as well as office goods. Enquire at the moving and storage pods company from where you are hiring the containers for necessary assistance.

- What kind of time frame do I get to pack the moving storage pods? You are allowed to schedule your own time for packing and loading. The best part about moving and storage pods is that there are no strict deadlines to be met or any pressure from any company personnel to complete packing and loading. Take your time and move when you are ready.

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So you are getting ready for your upcoming move? Maybe you bought a new condo, upgraded to a house, your small home based business now requires an office? You will soon have to choose a Canada moving company to handle your household items, furniture and belongings.

Finding a good Canada moving company is as simple as finding a good mechanic... not an easy task but knowing how to choose your Canada moving company can make things go smoother.


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